Monday, July 4, 2016

Brexit-inspired thoughts on globalization

Brexit provoked a conversation on globalization, and my final position was as follows:

When it comes to globalization, I am uncharacteristically fatalistic! The power, volume, and flow of information can no longer be controlled or contained, and whether it is good or bad (it is I think both good and bad), globalization’s future is a relentless but stuttered course forward.

Self-interested systems that oppose it will lose their ability to oppose it and get weaker in the proc...ess. Do I think new self-interested systems will be more enlightened or more perfect? No, not at all. They too will be a mixture of good and bad, depending on context and perceived values. Why would we want the blandness of a perfect or moral system? For one, it cannot exist or survive and secondly, life is imperfect and amoral – let us live it to the full with all its mixture.

Fast-forward modern globalization is here with us in our next journey as Sapiens!! Where it will take us, I do not know nor want to know – but I am here to accept the reality and the challenges, opportunities, dreams, and excitement that go with it.

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